FACTS is an online reporting system, developed by the Office of Institutional Research. FACTS offers interactive reports, covering many of OIR's common report requests. Reports can be exported to spreadsheets. Available to full-time UGA employees with a valid MYID and password.

Unit Profile provides a unit-by-unit look at seven years of data for seven major sets of data (student enrollment, faculty headcount, square footage, credit hours, degrees conferred, employee headcount, employee EFT, and expenditures). Available to full-time UGA employees with a valid MYID and password.

The Fact Book is OIR’s annual publication, now in its 45th edition, providing current and in many cases historical information on a variety of subject areas including admissions, student enrollment, degrees conferred, academic information, faculty/staff, financial and facilities.

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Mission of the Office

The central mission of the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is the collection, organization, and analysis of institutional and other data to support institutional management, operations, decision-making, and planning functions.

Included in this central mission is systematic information processing of University-wide data leading to broadly based institutional perspectives and understanding.

Also included are studies related to projected needs, program objectives, as well as efficiency and effectiveness in the use of institutional resources.

What We Do