FACTS is an online reporting system, developed by the Office of Institutional Research. FACTS offers interactive reports, covering many of OIR's common report requests. Reports can be exported to spreadsheets. Available to full-time UGA employees with a valid MYID and password.

Unit Profile provides a unit-by-unit look at seven years of data for seven major sets of data (student enrollment, faculty headcount, square footage, credit hours, degrees conferred, employee headcount, employee EFT, and expenditures). Available to full-time UGA employees with a valid MYID and password.

The Fact Book is OIR’s annual publication, now in its 45th edition, providing current and in many cases historical information on a variety of subject areas including admissions, student enrollment, degrees conferred, academic information, faculty/staff, financial and facilities.

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Julius Gantt

Application Analyst Principal

Debbie Holliday

Data Management Specialist III

Jonathan Lu

Application Analyst Specialist

Mary Moore

Institutional Research Analyst III

Amitabh Priyadarshi

Graduate Assistant

Dr. Kevin Shropshire

Institutional Research Analyst III

Paul Klute


Tracie Sapp

Sr. Associate Director

Marsha Allen

Institutional Research Analyst III

Connie Christian

Business Manager II

Julie Davis

Institutional Research Analyst II

Shweta Doshi

Business Intelligence Application Manager

Kelly Slaton

Institutional Research Analyst II

Frances Stephens-Harper

Application Programmer Assistant

Kellie Templeman

Graduate Assistant

Andrew Westbrook

Institutional Research Analyst II

Dr. Mingguang Xu

IT Senior Manager

Dr. Meihua Zhai

Sr Institutional Researcher and Prn Data Scientist

  • Respond accurately, efficiently, and in a timely manner within stated priority sequences
  • Develop information from appropriate institutional perspectives, e.g., specific unit(s) or institution-wide, as determined by the issue(s) being addressed
  • Observe priority-setting procedures (e.g., source of request, approval by Director and/or designated staff) within priority-related criteria (e.g., immediacy of need, complexity of project), and criteria for rejection (e.g., individual faculty or student request, request for sensitive information);
  • Maintain logs of studies, projects, and activities in order to provide lists of available projects/data and to provide documentation and effectiveness measures for OIR
  • When appropriate, design reports for selective distribution and/or inclusion in The University of Georgia Fact Book and the OIR web site as information useful to improved planning and decision-making;
  • Continue to assess, retrain, and reassign OIR personnel in order to maintain high levels of productivity and to contribute to high staff morale.

  • Develop and maintain comprehensive data and information systems required for institutional study, management, and planning. These systems link data across administrative lines and provide focused institutional data and information necessary for concentrated analysis of issues significant to the institution
  • Provide in-depth, substantive analysis of selected topics upon request, with data and reports as appropriate in order to assist with the translation of data into usable information
  • Provide consistent, reliable data, statistics, and reports as appropriate and as mandated to external agencies and entities and engage in data exchanges and studies with peer institutions
  • Function as an information center for the aggregation of data and literature compiled in ongoing, documented studies and projects and for the rich and wide-ranging mass of historical data maintained by OIR and other University offices
  • Provide data and other support for the University’s planning process and associated review, evaluation, and assessment activities
  • Work collaboratively with other units across campus to ensure accurate data is maintained and to assist in campus-wide data integration
  • Proactively scan the national and state higher education social and political environments in order to remain aware of issues which may affect UGA
  • Actively support and encourage high levels of professional training, competence, and expertise on the part of OIR personnel in order to encourage knowledgeable participation in and support of ongoing institutional activity